Play: Unforgettable adventures in Phoenix Little Havana

Oh, You’re like that friend you know who is always coming up with new stories. Just when you think you have them figured out they come out with something totally unexpected. Then, when you think you are just visiting for a short time, they surprise you with something completely out of left field.


Let’s start with those murals. You are walking along what appears to be a normal street. It’s nothing fancy. Then, bam! The colors are so vibrant that it makes you feel like you have walked into a cartoon. They’re not just random splashes; they are stories painted on brick walls. Tales of triumph, struggles, and everything between. It’s as if the city decided that it would wear its heart on its sleeves–or, more precisely, its buildings.

If art isn’t your thing (and even if you love it), Phoenix has another side that makes you feel like Mother Nature wanted to show a little bit off. South Mountain Park is not your average walk in the parks. The park is more like nature’s theme park without the lines and overpriced food. You could be led anywhere along the trails, from breathtaking views that will inspire you to write poetry even if you have never written anything before to secret spots where only the wind can whisper secrets of centuries gone by.

Let’s talk about food for a minute. Have you ever had a Sonoran Hot Dog? Imagine everything delicious in the world in a single package. That’s what this hot dog is. The food here isn’t only for sustenance, but an adventure. It’s a treasure hunt that includes both comfort foods and dishes you’ll need to Google how to pronounce.

Phoenix teaches that being lost doesn’t mean you don’t know where you are. It’s all about embracing the unexpected and finding joy around every corner. (Like stumbling across an impromptu mariachi show in downtown, true story.)

Taliesin West is another magical place. Frank Lloyd Wright didn’t play around when he built this place. The place is so seamless that ants may not even notice they have entered the building until they bump against furniture.

So yeah, Phoenix is kind of like that choose-your-own-adventure book we all loved as kids–except now we’re adults, and the adventures involve less imaginary dragons and more real-life discoveries (though I’m still holding out hope for dragons).

You’ll leave Phoenix with stories you can’t believe. “Did you hear about the time I was lost and ended up in an underground jazz club ?”).?” You won’t miss out on anything by getting lost in Phoenix. Instead, you’ll discover experiences that will stay with you long after the dust has settled from your shoes. Welcome to My Little Havana, where life is loud and proud.