What to Know before Rhinoplasty Surgery

Cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai perform Rhinoplasty, also known as nose jobs, as a cosmetic procedure to correct an individual’s nasal shape. You should understand what you expect from Rhinoplasty before you undergo the procedure ultrasonic rhinoplasty. Many people who want to change the appearance of their nose or get Rhinoplasty do not know the basics of the procedure, its advantages, limitations, costs and eligibility criteria.

Rhinoplasty is a common procedure. Here are some facts to help you learn more about it.

Rhinoplasty: Its Functions

Rhinoplasty can be performed for aesthetic purposes, to recreate damaged nasal structures or to adjust nasal structures in order cure various issues. When a nose is disfigured by a disease, an accident, a birth defect, or a poorly performed cosmetic surgery, a reconstruction Rhinoplasty becomes medically necessary.

Rhinoplasty Surgery: What is it?
Only an experienced surgeon can perform a rhinoplasty using either a closed or an open method. In the closed method, the cuts are made inside the nose. The open method will have the cuts clearly visible on the outside. Both strategies are used to treat different conditions. To avoid scarring, cuts are carefully made. Scars will eventually fade away if there are any.

After Rhinoplasty Surgery Advice
The patient may experience swelling, irritation and softness around the nose after the surgery. The surgeon will provide the patient with appropriate tips, guidance and prescribed medications, including antibiotics that prevent infection.

The patient must follow the instructions carefully to ensure a quick and smooth recovery. In the first week, bed rest should be strictly observed and all routine activities stopped. The stitches will be removed after the 1st Week. If the patient follows every step correctly, they will be able to recover in just four weeks.

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